Tuesday, January 22, 2013


These were poor copies to start but you can see the difference: front, and
back (the shifu pieces more obvious than the hanji ones).
The involuntary construction has been a pain in the arse, especially in this cold, with holes in the floor. It's like walking on ice all day (this is a no-shoes home, so poor feet!). But amidst noise and soldering and workers only coming over an hour after promised, a package from Sweden arrived with my long-coveted bobbin winder!!! The hanji I made in Korea, very strong. The green washi from the store, not (but to be expected b/c it's the cheap kind mixed with wood pulp). Very dangerous, because I could end up doing this all day and night, instead of Things I Should Be Doing. But thank Velma for enlightening me to the wonders of the antique bobbin winder (pics in daylight to come, maybe tomorrow).


  1. now you're cookin' with gas, aimee!

  2. I'm curious to see the bobbin winder in use as a spindle.


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