Saturday, January 12, 2013

Entirely too enticing

For years, ever since I was little, I wondered about looms and weaving, though I didn't realize until I met more and more weavers much later in my life that this was a consistent wondering. There are some things I am content to wonder about forever (MANY years ago I tried to understand quantum physics; I don't mind leaving that alone). But I decided that in the January lull, I would treat myself to a weaving 101 weekend intensive. Eee! I'm a bit too tired from it all plus my regular trying to keep up with my workload to say much, but of COURSE our teacher went to Oberlin of all places (10 years after I did). Big circles that are completing in funny ways. One classmate is from Cleveland and in the film biz, so just a few degrees of separation, another a musician who has a subscription to the orchestra I used to work for, another went to the college on whose campus I teach in the summers, etc.

I am Very Happy even though I spelled almost all of the new vocabulary words wrong (for those who know and want to laugh, lee instead of lease, sleigh instead of sley, monkey instead of castle...just kidding about the last one). Today was prep and we all got up to do our "ow, ow, is there such thing as weaver's back?" stretches. Tomorrow we weave! I love being a student.


  1. onesmallstitch1:31 AM

    oh ho, now the fun bit begins. how about rattle instead of raddle - although I don't think you are using one, then there's read instead of reed and are they called shafts or harnesses. what fun!

  2. and the pedals are treadles and and and...
    and you will have dreams, i the non-dreamer had them of a huge piece of my weaving covering my bed...


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