Sunday, January 20, 2013

Looking, then stepping away

I am about to go take a walk to get out of the sick house. This is what has been going on this weekend.
Zoom: bits of paper thread from Asao's shifu that I didn't unravel, but which fell off of the edges when I was binding my books with shifu covers. I carefully stored them in a pink box, and then took them out, knotted them end to end, and knitted a sample.
Zoom: bits left over from chine collé from my last two printmaking classes. I'm hoping to prep more pieces before class tomorrow with glue (that's what the green tube with yellow cap is for): glue a very thin layer, let dry, cut up.
Zoom: plaited paper! Can't get enough.
Zoom: all ready for tomorrow, xeroxes of Velma's postcards. Each image copied with two different lightness settings. I'll test them as plates in paper lithography and am excited to see how they turn out!


  1. onesmallstitch1:12 PM

    oh, ho I see some familiar things including the green glue - one of the first things I bought in Japan last year

  2. this is unbelievably exciting, especially coming fro the house of the sick and woeful (i am just emerging from such a house). i cannot WAIT to see what happens in the print studio. it took me forEVer to find that green tube....


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