Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reasons I don't study

1. I set up silly photo shoots with leg warmers on my arms b/c I don't have arm warmers.
2. I try to figure out how to spell "Hillary Clinton" in hangul so I can explain to the Buddhist nun tomorrow over the phone why I have to postpone my trip to visit her at the temple: I have to go to Hillary's townhall meeting down the road on Friday.
3. I read Josh Ritter's lyrics and love that he is still doing so well and making great music and being a kick-ass songwriter.
4. I buy and deliver dark chocolate to Hyesun and then sprawl all over her floor as we advise each other on our confusing lives.
5. I agree to lunch w/Ben, a US soldier, which leads to errands, an art exhibit at a palace during the changing of the guard, and tea where the birds keep hopping onto our teacups. [This counts as doing homework b/c I unraveled cords during lunch and tea and he helped. I let laypeople unravel but they can't spin for me.]
6. I verbalize the Spanish that I type into translation engines so that I can fully appreciate the AMAZING and beautiful gifts that Elizabeth sent to me from Mexico before she flew over the ocean to Europe for her new life. My heart still aches b/c I don't know Spanish yet. But it will happen before I die, I swear.
7. I rearrange a flight so that I get almost a week in Jejudo in April, which scares me: is that too much time? Is it a good idea to run away to an island for a week right before a big exam?
8. I write a recommendation letter for Boram so that she can go to a residency on another island (in the Atlantic) once she's done with her year-long residency on this island (next to the Korea Strait).
9. I blog.

At this rate, I will bomb this language test in two months. I have to try to study a little bit every day. I'm going to do some reading right now. Really...

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