Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At last, before carpal tunnel sets in

FINALLY! I'm calling it a cut. It's here, on Vimeo, and on my website. My work is done for now. In between, during all the waiting for upload and other time-consuming tasks related to getting this cut and public, I've overstrained my hand muscles even before I meet my jiseung teacher tomorrow. I'm making little gourd/pod objects to use up my "bad" paper and for practice. My dinner date cancelled on me so that might mean that I have no excuses left on the errand front: finding mailing tubes, figuring out how to pay my phone bill w/o a physical bill that was never in my name in the first place, finding consumer electronics peripherals, and getting language textbooks. No wonder I hate my urban life.

BUT! Terttu made the first cut for Yale grad school, which was such great news to get, and yesterday I bumped into Melissa and Dion in the middle of a huge crosswalk, which was random and timely, since I had wondered if she was back in country - apparently she's not really, and flew back to the US today after a quick week in Seoul. Oh, and I finally figured out yesterday that I meant to say sickle instead of machete all last month. It's all the same to me: big knives that could dismember me.

Time to get dressed and see the sky after being a computer zombie for so long.

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  1. OMG LOVE IT!!

    The video is so beautiful, with the color, the sound of the water, the rhythm of the movement, the natural light.

    And the Flashdance music made me smile! It summed up how much hard work you've put into getting to where you are!!


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