Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One free night

Finally! One evening to work when I'm not totally sleep deprived or otherwise incapacitated. I had two successful meetings today, bumped into a couple colleagues at the Fulbright office, and managed to get one monkey off my back for at least a couple of months in regards to being a studio technician. Though I love the idea that someone would think that I could engineer and manufacture a huge hanging hanji sculpture, I don't do that kind of work so that other people can slap their names on it.

Over an early dinner w/the Buddhist nun (I haven't seen her since last year), she asked if I had met anyone. I mentioned a few people, but they apparently didn't count b/c they weren't Korean. I said that Korean men aren't interested in me and she blamed it on my intelligence. Later, after telling me that I will be helped by both God and Buddha, she stopped on a corner to buy me a back scratcher b/c she said it's the most important thing for a single person to own. Complete hilarity. I have never not been able to reach all parts of my back. I'll save it for when I lose my flexibility.

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