Monday, February 09, 2009

Everything all at once

I've been editing video for days now and dying to get it to a place where it can finally go public. It has been a much more positive editing experience than the first time around, and I'm lucky to have editors in both Seoul and NYC helping me, so it should be done and on the web in 24 hours. I hope.

I went back to my Korean tutor today. It was painful, since she said that I have to start systematic study w/a textbook. I am SO not in that mode anymore and don't particularly feel like getting back into it. It's like having a huge portion of my brain being held hostage. I did reduce my sessions to 1x/week. I still feel like I might be taken away at any moment to who knows where for more research, so it makes me reluctant to commit to more than that.

A shipment of 100 sheets of long hanji arrived today so that I can start my jiseung lessons on Wed. I really want to finish a few pieces before I meet my new teacher, but I'm not sure how feasible that is. I'm also still sorting out my half studio at home and half in the studio...the situation is weird. If I got more natural light at home I'd move it all here. But a large part of me doesn't want to bother for another couple of months to accommodate my research.

Meanwhile, I've gotten three double yolks out of my last eight eggs. The first one was my first ever. The other two happened tonight after a nap. I'm not sure what to make of it. So I'm going to work on jiseung until it's time for my interview w/the local paper.

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polarchip said...

I love that kind of dog! It's a very traditional Korean breed, isn't it?

Also, I think the double yolks are lucky!! It's the universe trying to make sure you are nourished.

Maybe you can figure out which chicken gives the double yolk eggs. What would happen if one was fertilized and hatched? You could start a double yolk line of chickens!