Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do I really want this?

I'm reluctantly pulling together another residency application that has to be postmarked by Saturday. But my social calendar dictates tomorrow - before 1pm. What kills me is that I've applied and been an alternate three years in a row. This is one I've always wanted. But right now, surrounded by strips of paper to spin, a subscription series to conceive and execute, textbooks to buy and study, and research to do, I have lost all perspective. I wonder, as I reformat all of my documents to fit A4 paper and choose a new tactic (applying as a visual artist rather than a new genres artist), if I still want it badly enough to lose some sleep and run around like a crazy person tomorrow. Do I still want the colony circuit? Most of me says no. But then a little part of me still drools over the scenery.

Being sleepy doesn't help me make this decision OR slog thru the app (which, of course, this year has gotten a little more demanding). I guess it's back to the cutting and pasting. The slide list being easier than the essays.


  1. Colony circuit? Do you mean "artist's colony?" There's a CIRCUIT?! Cool.

  2. l would leave it for next year.....

  3. yeah, artist colony. people on the circuit call it that...hopping from one to the next. some artists actually manage to do that forever. i'm not, but sometimes fear i'm headed in a similar direction!

    the app is done but getting it printed and in the mail will be another HUGE task. it's raining cats and dogs in seoul now.


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