Thursday, February 19, 2009

I never got off the ride

And it seems to be spinning nearly out of control. But I'm staying calm. I cut down all of my paper for the new batch I need to spin this week and made piles. My goal is to do one fourth every day. That would be 80 and I think I'm down to 2 minutes per cord...almost 3 hours a day? Bad news is that the last three sheets seemed thicker, so I wonder if that will screw up the entire piece. I'll spin one to see how it compares to the regular cords, do the rest if the difference is not dramatic, and keep the piles segregated until next lesson.

Today was my girls only day. Boram is briefly in town from her residency and we had lunch and tea and chocolate cake, and ALL were very good (the cake especially). We had lovely conversation about what we've been doing, and about how to thrive and survive as artists. Then I met Katherine so that she could introduce me to her shoe guy. I'll find out on Saturday if he is shoe GOD when I pick up the boots I've owned since I was 18. I am so o o o o excited about that. She was very patient as I ranted over tea while spinning paper, and then took me to a fabulous Tibetan / Indian / Nepalese place for dinner. I am going to drag every single next date to this place from now on to drum up business.

It was so satisfying to process everything that's been going on for the past few months with these two friends. I feel like I just had six months of therapy in half a day. I'm overwhelmed by the rapidity with which my calendar is being booked, and how densely packed the days are, but that's why I stayed up until 1am last night cutting these words out of washi I made in Japan a couple years ago. As a reminder to be grateful for the flood.

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