Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'll never be well manicured

I was looking at my friend's nails the other night and feeling jealous that I can't ever have fancy ones. I gave that up when I got serious about the violin, so it's actually physically impossible. Before I went to the papermill, I did one hand in silver for one night just to get a fix and then undid it.

I have to admit that I am now so tired that I can't see very well so I'm not very coherent. It is less than 12 hours before my Korean tutoring session and I am officially a very bad student. I haven't done my homework and haven't gotten new textbooks and haven't reviewed anything I learned last week. All I have is a new list of questions about new vocab. Including a word that my parents' friends are using about me that is similar to "chemical-free."

Yesterday was fun but a little too much socializing and shopping and being out for me with back-to-back dates with two people at a time. Conclusion: spinning paper while drinking alcohol does not prevent hangovers. I got about 4 hours of sleep and then had a marathon date today that involved royal tombs, a chicken museum, two meals, endless wandering on foot, and way too much to drink. But it was fun. Even though I should swear off alcohol now for a few months to recover.

[To clarify, I always use the term "date" loosely for a wide range of social obligations, meetings, and so on. So, lunch with a girlfriend followed by errands and shopping and coffee and meeting her brother fits that category, as does dinner and drinks with a soldier and building mate. But it is highly possible that today I hung out with a single man for more hours than I sleep in a night. I could be wrong, but let's hope not.]

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  1. OMG - It really IS a Chicken Museum.
    Dang, I wish I could afford a plane ticket...


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