Saturday, May 03, 2014


A hard week—it was really bad for lots of very close friends (we suspect an eclipse effect), and I was feeling like I was spared until a very ugly day yesterday. I tried to feel better by making paper today but I swear, SWEAR, that PEO is absolutely NOT formation aid and no one is going to convince me that it's any better or even close to PMP. The blue hanji is sitting in a forlorn pile right now under mild weights. I deinstalled my Shaker Lakes show and I'll show the 2D pieces to folks that want to give me a show next year. In the meantime, I had a wonderful chill evening yesterday watching a brilliant artist cook at his lovely cafe in Little Italy. Tonight, I pack a box of paper and scraps and all sorts of goodies so I can create real tangible correspondence tomorrow. That always, always makes me feel better.

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