Saturday, May 31, 2014

Here, non-studio

 I adore all of the irises here. ALL.

Hard to see, but a tall white costumed figure at the top of the hill, for a painting/performance class. It's the weekend and everyone here is pooped, so the morning is going slowly. I like that. Just five crits/meetings with students, and then I'm free until Monday. I'll be in the studio, of course, but the hectic class pace will lift for a bit. We've cooked 10 pounds of Thai kozo, 2 pounds of mitsumata, and two batches of Morgan kozo (scraped only, and scraped and picked). All processing is by hand, off the grid. All drying so far is on boards, off the grid. The fog is heavy and probably will yield to more rain. Not great for drying paper, but we still have plenty to keep us busy!

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