Sunday, May 25, 2014


Mason drove the entire ten hours and I got to do a lot of laying in the back seat. Here is my daily walk to breakfast/campus.
Sleeping home for the next two weeks.
Studio home for the next two weeks.
The hole I fell into my first morning here. Because I am me, Mason and I were looking for a shortcut to a building and walking across grass. I saw a piece of slate on the grass and as I am still transitioning from city to country, decided to step on it, like a little sliver of sidewalk. Except it broke immediately and my foot went down into the hole it was covering. Ow. But now I know where the first aid kits are in two separate studios, and I got my first injury out of the way. My assistants have been working a TON to get the studio ready (I feel guilty, because other studio assistants were done so early they got to do things like visit Asheville and tour other studios. But mostly I feel so grateful that I get to have two assistants).

Almost ready to start class tonight!


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    so Aimee in Adventureland has already fallen down the rabbit hole - now be a good girl and have fun.

  2. ouchie! I have been hobbling for the past few months because I fell down a hole in the yard... stupidly I knew was there but still forgot to avoid it.... slap me!

    hope you have no more accidents at your new digs


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