Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hardly a hump day

The dry studio (aka book studio) where everyone, including me, gets their own work table. The center tables are for demos and my samples. I still have not been making anything at my table but it's very nice to have one!
The outdoor area, for cooking and beating and scraping and papermaking and rinsing and all that.
Jessica's creped joomchied hanji (the spray bottle is no longer underneath it!).
Hellen's mobius strip of bark lace drying on a rigged spray bottle (such useful tools).
We started making paper yesterday and they're nice sheets because they've beaten so much more than the usual 20-30 min for short workshops!
The PNS-making demo (we have a tiny bit of PMP and then PEO, my nemesis).
Drying boards everywhere! Glad to be in the first session: not too much heat, not too much humidity. Today we'll make more paper, cook mitsumata, pigment fibers, learn to cord, and learn to felt.


mjc said...

Ray Hoo for you! These photos are making me very nostalgic...

Velma Bolyard said...

i want to be there! seriously, dear aimee, is all you're doing today making paper, cooking pulp, pigmenting fiber, and learning to cord and felt. is that ALL?! holy moly it sounds like enough for the whole time!