Monday, May 05, 2014

Always starting over

This afternoon I rushed out, abandoning my blue hanji to be parted another day, to get the rest of my dresses down from Shaker Lakes. This one has a brand new frame now that the trees are green again! It has been gratifying to have so many people over the months say how much they have enjoyed the exhibit and most of all, to hear the staff repeat how much they loved having it and will miss it. But I am excited for what comes next.
A lot of the woes from last week were effectively drowned in delicious vegan ice cream yesterday as well as a lovely Sunday full of pleasant errands like browsing plants and figuring out what herbs had popped up in a friend's garden. I had a consultation today with someone who does lots of gardening for dyeing and came to the Morgan to gift us with a big bag of Japanese indigo seed!!! I felt like I had been given a pot of gold. This may be the first year of my life that I have had intentional and real consciousness about spring bringing plants that affect me and my work (aside from springtime in Korea five years back when I saw people flock to the mountains before dawn to harvest edibles). It's a wonderful feeling.


  1. Jealous of your big bag if indigo...

    1. i'm almost certain we have enough to share!!

  2. yay for spring and a beautiful frame!


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