Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fourth month's end

[Steph near her two drawings, one already sold, and Jared in foreground, at Heights Arts.] I am over the moon happy with the new place, and wish I could have everyone over who has ever extended that hospitality to me, but I'm still nowhere near furnished. It makes me nervous to invest in that kind of thing, not knowing really how long I'll be here, or how hard that will make the next move (I always think about the next move in the middle of the current one! Because I always assume it will be in a matter of months or less). But I can finally unfurl and hang art that I've kept for years for exactly this purpose. There is so much space! And the kitchen is so roomy that I keep cooking, slowly sorting out the best setup and ergonomics of the workspace. Today, I finally brought the surviving bits of my brick wall home, since the Morgan is going to start some major renovations, and I have space for them!

Ivey came in today, and I had forgotten that she had switched her days this week, which was a great surprise. I really needed the help and she was a trooper with all the work she did. Yesterday, I watched Mason and Tom drop the beater roll back into the epoxied beater (the red beaters are now red only on the outside; the epoxy is baby blue). Today, I tried to move a backing press so that we could have clear access to our picking station, and started screaming as I watched it slide off the dolly. Sigh. Always an adventure! Tomorrow is my FINAL day teaching printmaking and I can't wait to be free for really focused Morgan work, even though I leave in just a few weeks for Penland! Tomorrow marks the second half of the apprentice's training and the last three months of my contract at the Morgan.

On the other side of the country, Jessica and Chandler had an amazing Wayzgoose. I so admire their ability to collaborate, and love their commitment to place, the Tacoma where they live and work. Time for me to test my own commitment to this place. Sleeping soundly is a good sign.


  1. wow! and good sleep. keep it up-about time you had a place to live in that was just right for you!

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Stopped by the show Thursday afternoon while I was in Cleveland, totally enjoyed the work. It was fun to put artists faces to the pieces! I can't say enough positives...Wish I could have attended the opening. Enjoy your new place.



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