Wednesday, April 23, 2014

F i n a l l y

This was a piece I made for my solo show that closes in a week at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes. An acquaintance bought it immediately at the opening and I never got a chance to document properly. I did a very cursory shoot with my outdated camera before rushing to the car wash (poor car was still covered in winter salt since Feb). I pulled half the amount of paper I wanted to that afternoon because my body was falling apart, and tried to cook Japanese kozo.

By 7pm, it was not cooking through (weak ash water) and my knee was insisting that I go home. The next morning brought a grant application and teaching before I saw Charity at the Morgan, who had pulled exactly the maximum number of sheets I had hoped for. I still felt horrible, so left work early but packed at night. Last week, I had a yoga injury in my left shoulder, and papermaking and working on concrete floors has been rough.

Today, I woke up to sciatica and decided to take the day off. I dropped off winter clothes at the dry cleaners and bought new shoes with better support. At home, I packed until my body stopped me, and sat down to check email. Yesterday, I had gotten a rejection letter for a grant. Today, I got an award letter to fund a trip to Korea this fall!!! I've been trying to get back for the last five years, and this means that I can study with my jiseung teacher again. For months, I've had a feeling that this was the year I'd return, that there was a reason for my completely unbooked autumn calendar (though I was also fantasizing about a fall where I could leisurely make art and do nothing else). I'll have to supplement with my own funds to make it the trip I need it to be, but this is the boost I've needed and prepared for over the past several years.

In the meantime, we are steadily pulling lovely gampi/kozo blend sheets, I move this weekend to a beautiful new apartment, and this Friday we celebrate papermaking at an exhibit that opens at Heights Arts! Tonight, I will attempt to NOT pack anymore and rest, if I can stand staying still.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on the gran, do you have time to get excited? how long will you stay in Korea? slow down a little so you are in good shape when you travel

aimee said...

thank you! not really, not much time to get excited. :) this one will be a short trip, 3 months max.

Velma Bolyard said...

jean is right--breathe. breathe. breathe.
and such good news. remember…breathe…!

aimee said...

breathe? breathe? is that something that human beings are capable of doing? :) thanks for the reminder xoxox