Monday, April 07, 2014

Down to the bone

I'm beyond exhausted. I don't remember what happened last week aside from days where I'd wonder what day it was and what happened the prior day while accessing big black holes devoid of memory. Oh! I know: I finally chose a new apt, put down a deposit, and delivered the executed lease today. I was delighted to end the daily viewings of potential homes, and now only have to worry about transferring utilities and all of my belongings. Three more weeks and I finally get to feel at home! Praying for no more smoking neighbors.

I also saw a bunch of wonderful friends both from out of town and locally, weaving around my extra teaching for the week (a high school field trip and a teacher training). Lots of great food, trips to Little Italy, sunshine, and hugs. A couple of my college students got into the student art show and won prizes, so that was nice to see. I was bummed that the Morgan missed a really important grant deadline, but I can't police everything. The big goal for this week: more sleep! And paper/art making!

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