Monday, April 28, 2014

Overabundance of wonderful

The tororo has grown into a second set of very different leaves from the first set! We cleared out the non-starters and are planning for the raised beds that will go up in a month.
Picking, picking, picking away. It's endless and yet I can't make them stop doing it. Paper without the black bark is so very lovely.
I couldn't get good pictures from the show's opening on Friday, but it was a wonderful exhibit and with a fantastic turnout! So great to see old and new friends and a gathering of Morganites who happened to be in town.

Can't say much because my mind has melted as my body has fallen apart from this move. WOW, moving. But wow, so grateful for all my friends who stepped up to help me out. I can barely move or think but am very happy in the new place. This is my last week of teaching—the semester is almost up! And hopefully I'll be in good enough shape to get back to the vat this week.

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