Friday, April 18, 2014

Sizing seduction

An array of the tests I have been making over the week with pigmented and sized kozo (Thai and Japanese) and gampi. I'm now wishing I could make more right away, but we really need to get cracking on production for snail mail papers, which are NOT going to be green.
Inspiration for the duck that I started weeks ago and then stopped working on once it got hard.
Jamye shows us the Japanese papers they use in conservation at ICA. We went on a trip yesterday after a long day of work to for a session tailored just for us.
An engraving of the Declaration of Independence, on parchment, repaired with Japanese papers.
A lovely assortment of Japanese brushes. I can't wait until we offer some tool making classes here and already have one of the best guys in the country willing to do it.
As we were leaving, Wendy talked to us about this amazing old sarcophagus that she is working on.
This morning, finally! Took long enough, but I finally made unsized (below) and sized (above) samples of Japanese kozo paper. It takes some getting used to in the vat, but we'll finally have some sized Asian style papers on the production line!


  1. your top photo makes me into a VERY two-year-old--"i want i want!"


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