Sunday, September 02, 2012

When stress wins,

then I get sick. I didn't realize that I had lost my ability to cope with anxiety until I came down with some nasty illness that I'm climbing out of today. My body stopped processing food on Friday and I tried only liquid intake Saturday only to be on the verge of passing out all day. Once I realized it was ME and not a bug, today I was able to get through edits of four chapters of proofs. Making a book book is Very Much Quite A Lot Of Work (I still need to index said chapters). There are also photo issues, so I may have to schedule a shoot tomorrow to reenact a pile of paper (NO JOKE) and yesterday I managed to stand up long enough for my sister to do another set of photos of me for the dust jacket (here, I had a view of a gastroenterology office. I have tons of these kinds of photos and am unhappy with them all). But I'm determined, even though my foot is not 100%, to get back to regular physical activity, even in wee quantities, because the stress isn't going to go away and I would like to have healthy innards for a long time.


  1. onesmallstitch2:04 PM

    Amy, slow down, take care of yourself, meditate. Make YOU your #1 priority. Personally I love the picture. stay well :)

  2. Glad you are feeling better - and I too love the photo. Make it 'good' motivational stress: you're putting out an excellent book, as opposed to being attacked by 'colleagues' or something externally, and therefore uncontrollably stressful...


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