Friday, September 07, 2012

A lull in the struggle

I finally got a little bit of drawing in today after wrestling that index to the ground. Though we are kind of in the same state, I think. It totally whupped my ass and I wish I could say it's stellar, but will be happy if it's passable. It's a fascinating mindset to get into, but it also drains energy like crazy. I have been at it for the past two days straight and didn't even realize that today was Friday and that nothing else has gotten done (like showers, leaving the house, etc.). But it has been quite a learning curve and I don't regret the choice to make my book this way. My publisher has been right alongside me, and that has bolstered me like nothing else. This is probably how people feel when they run their first marathon. It's kind of nice to block out the entire world and put a hold on the nagging workload and tasks, and just gun it. We're both taking tonight off, and then this weekend will do the final bits.

As Cobi always used to say, time for a tasty beverage!

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Velma Bolyard said...

superb. the book in incubation will be amazing!