Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Asset reallocation

Today I get back on track. I got back to the morning routine I had before I arrived in Santa Fe, journaling + qigong + sun salutes + sitting meditation + preparing breakfast. Last night I talked to someone who talked about how writing is really a muscle. This morning I realize that everything is a muscle, all these things I do or don't do (though I suspect that worrying is more like a fat), and I want to get the atrophied parts back into working condition. Thank goodness for the coming fall and the chance to start over, ever day!

Meanwhile, last night I found something that made me smile wide: Joe posted way back when about his visit to the Morgan and one of his poet colleagues took a GREAT picture of him w/my hanji chamberpot. Today is devoted completely to my book. We are finally getting big chunks back from the copy editor, so it's getting designed chapter by chapter and I am editing proofs and then doing the very hairy task of indexing. I talk in the book about how every next step of making hanji is harder than the last, though it seems like every last task is the hardest it could ever get. It's the same for this book! So, back to exercising those muscles.

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  1. yes. i have some muscle atrophy to look after myself.

    yay, you sound much healthier. and happier.


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