Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday I was feeling bad, I don't even remember exactly about what (probably general overwhelmedness from thinking about every tiny thing I had to do all at once and then going into paralysis). Then I remembered some of the things that keep me from feeling so bad:

1. Working with my hands
2. Listening to well-reported and/or funny podcasts (key being that I am using my eyes to look at the thing in my hands, not staring at a screen)
3. Fresh fruit
4. Regular reading of books.

Then I did those things and felt better.


  1. perfect, and very very smart. i love your pearl necklace.

  2. onesmallstitch2:40 PM

    great list! I love the second piece, is it a bracelet? the dyed ends are perfect.

  3. yes, thank you! though it's loose on me. those ends work well for dyeing.


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