Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The pencil

In Korea, when you make it to your first birthday, it used to be a BIG deal b/c infant mortality was high. So that meant, naturally, a huge party. Enough food to outweigh the baby by a lot. One of the most anticipated parts of that party is where a bunch of objects are placed in front of the baby, like a spool of thread, writing implements, a book, cash, food, etc. to help discern its future. Then everyone waits to see what baby grabs first. Apparently, I took a pencil, which means I'd be studious / smart. My sister took the thread, which means she'll have a long life. Food means you'll never go hungry, money that you'll be rich, and so on. I pulled out old photos because I was thinking about that ceremony while struggling with a grant app; I like my shoes the best.

Also, last week I got and read Aracelis Girmay's Kingdom Animalia. What a lovely book, all around--the cover art, book design, and poetry itself.


  1. That is nice tradition, thanks for explain :)

  2. onesmallstitch3:26 PM

    cute picture. so you grabbed a pencil and now you're writing a book...I like where this is going.

  3. and this must mean your fall birthday is here? damn, i forgot!

  4. which i will celebrate in cleveland this year!

  5. I love the photo.


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