Monday, September 24, 2012

"lovable, adorable, endearing"

Those are definitions for a Korean word that repeats in the overexposed "Gangnam Style," one of my favorite words. It's a longer word than usual and includes the word for love and reminds me of melancholia even though it doesn't actually include that in its word stems. I've been sick since Friday  night with a cold, probably just going around in the family, but still annoying. The only thing that brought it on was lots of admin and not enough sleep / fresh air. While cooped up, not breathing very efficiently, I combed through my digital images from 2003 forward. WOW. I felt so grateful for what I've been able to do, where I've been able to go, and whom I've been able to meet. This picture above from a 2007 visit to Japan made me want to return.

Right now, I need to reboot my whole career/outlook on it. But better to look at what other people are doing while I reset: Minah will be teaching a class in London on Asian paper in conservation; read more here! And Stefan has broken ground on his new residency in the desert! I've been hearing about it for years during my photo shoots and am always eager for updates. It's great to see the pictures of things moving along in Nevada. Donate if you can.


Velma Bolyard said...

i hope you are getting better. after all those pictures, your eyes must be so tired. good tired, but wow.

aimee said...

it's true! my eyes have been more exhausted than usual. i'm getting better; lots of time to reflect!

TK said...

Montello has a passable tavern, and pretty Grouse Creek isn't too far from there, but after living in that part of Nevada for so long, I can't imagine it as retreat worthy (but then, I was scrambling to get out). Of course, lots of artists are in Tuscarora, so I know I'm missing something. Best of luck to Stefan on creating the perfect space. I am sure his vision will be incredible--the pictures on his site look great.

Get better soon!