Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What timing

Today, a lovely package from Asao arrived in the mail. I love packages from Asao, and this one was no exception. Another piece of shifu, made of hanji, kon'nyaku tests, two books. One was another copy of the kon'nyaku book I have, and the other was an indigo and woad book. It was just right for today, after having sorted through lots of old paper samples and feeling sorry for myself and my swollen eyes. Yay for paper people!


  1. I've been feeling for you and your swollen eyes (my girlie has nasty contact allergies and her face blows up like a watermelon when she comes into contact with certain substances..... mmmmm fun) I love your little packages - 'instant indigo powder' sounds like a whole lot of different fun!

  2. oh, wow, and after we talked! expect a little envelope from the north this week!


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