Monday, March 12, 2012

The load thickens

If only I made what other people liked, I could probably make knitted books and paper bricks for the rest of my life. Alas, I want to make what I want. But on weekends when I feel I "should" work but I don't, knitting is an easier fallback than making bricks. I made four panels out of Habu bamboo paper yarn but aggravated my hand. The same side where I fear I have done some rotator cuff damage--totally self-diagnosed, but worrisome when I think about how much hand beating of fiber I will have to do in a month in Ohio.

The good news: my Asheville class will run, so I get to visit North Carolina for the first time ever! That trip marks nonstop travel for three workshops, an exhibit, and a residency, so I am trying to savor the last of my non-traveling time now. Three book proposals went out today and I am scheduling private weaving lessons while preparing for a lecture this Friday for an ICP class. I am a bit out of my mind with so much admin but will attempt one last residency application OR choose artwork for a show before I take a breather.


  1. the more I see of knitted paper structures the more my fingers itch to try it out.... these are just delightful!

  2. yay. you'll laugh at this--icp in teenager is insane clown posse. no kidding.


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