Monday, March 05, 2012

Skidding and tearing about

This is what I remembered after days upon days of giving my time away only to see that I can't get it back. So I am hoping that today I can drive a stake through my unsteadiness and refocus, since this is it: my last solid month to devote almost wholly to the book. Tick, tick, tick.

Today I saw that my bookmaking workshop is listed now for April 28-29 in CT: scroll WAY down for my "Books in Abundance" class description. I'll have a little solo show there for the month of April, too. I also just had a lovely interaction with a real live travel agent in Ohio to deal with my April trip to Cleveland/Oberlin to teach an overview of papermaking in East Asia. I miss travel agents and am really sad that they were taken out so brutally by the interwebs, so it was such a treat to have contact with one of an endangered species.

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