Friday, March 09, 2012

Anticipation and follow through

The first round of captions are done! Of course, I only realized when I was almost done that I could have done it through the software instead of manually, so this means that later (once I have recovered from my own ignorance), I will have to insert them again. But the photos are chosen, placed, and captioned.

I also made my first direct order from a Korean paper mill! For once, I was interacting with a nice businessman and fingers crossed that it all arrives safely and that the hanji is of decent quality. If things go well, this mill would be a good partner for getting more hanji into this country.

But what I really meant to add was this funny Jean Cocteau bit that I read in his The Difficulty of Being: "The Prince de Polignac used to say: 'I don't really like other people.' But when his wife asks him: 'Why are you so gloomy?' and he replies: 'I like some people and some people like me,' and adds: 'Alas! They are not the same people,' he admits his loneliness."

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