Saturday, March 03, 2012

The new month is already slippery

The days are going too quickly! This is the piece I bought, etching on crocheted paper, by Carolyn. I picked it up yesterday at the printshop and met Shawn there, to start our nice long walking day together. He is teaching a class as I type on pop-ups in NYC and I was so happy to have him as my captive audience on his free day before his workshop. We visited the Noguchi Museum, Socrates Sculpture Park (which was like a nature walk b/c Shawn pointed out all of the things growing aside from the art), enjoyed a hearty lunch and tea in Astoria, and then headed back to Manhattan to visit the Folk Art Museum. I hadn't been to the new space, and it was sad...the old space was so gorgeous and perfect. Bummer what the tanking economy has done to arts and cultural spaces and organizations.

[Book in progress.] We walked downtown, hoping to find a bookstore (ALSO very sad that independent bookstores are nearly extinct these days), and stopped at Kinokuniya before completing our stroll to Koreatown, where we met Lisa and Amy of Dieu Donne with open arms and headed to a delicious Korean dinner. It was a rare opportunity to hang out with such dear book and paper folks, and a nice break from working on the book, which feels these days like chipping away at a glacier with an ice pick. How did March creep up on me so fast?!

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  1. such a grand day, this will fill you full of hope and joy for days and days and days. excellent!


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