Friday, March 23, 2012

Strange daze

I'm exhausted by the late nights for the anti-b schedule and glad it will end soon. Today I cooked up some sweet rice paste to coat pieces before I head to my photographer next week. I made these two last night in lieu of wringing my hands over the printer that I completely broke. I spent an hour trying to take it apart today and all that happened was that I got toner all over the place and almost lost a screw inside of the thing. There was a lot of shaking the whole machine (which is big and heavy) to try and get the screw loose. No paper in sight. The latest theory is that it melted. Haha! I feel like I have lots of screws loose in my head these days but I am hoping to clear out a whole load of admin this weekend so I can get some good work done before I hit the road next week--my D.C. class is running!

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