Thursday, January 15, 2009

Round two

Yesterday I learned how to dry sheets. That was another comedy of errors. The younger son was teaching me, and his method is very different, and makes me nervous. But I finally got the hang of it to some extent, learned how to count sheets (this is very fancy and I doubt I'll ever get the hang of it), and then prepped books. Yes, books!! My teacher suggested I bind my first sheets into a big book w/covers he already has made, and then that I make a twin to gift to him. I was SO happy to finally feel like I had something to offer and give back. Of course, I spent most of the afternoon kicking myself for leaving all of my vital tools in Seoul: paper knife, awl, etc. All I have is a bonefolder and tiny knife. Yesterday I witnessed the younger son cut his hand really deeply w/one of those while wrapping paper for a Buddhist nun. Eee. I hate those kind of injuries.

Today I learned more jiseung craft techniques (twisting and weaving paper). It's amazing what you can do. My teacher made a little necklace for me. Totally precious - and it contains all the techniques I need to learn. Not that I can remember them all right now. In the afternoon I was back at the vat. I'm getting a better sense of the whole thing, but it changes constantly as fiber and formation aid levels vary. It's never just the same technique each time.

Apparently I was wrong about being in Moonie land: I'm actually living in Eden. Most of the buildings in my eyesight have red roofs and are lined w/red lights so they are outlined at night. It's a similar cult. I also realized that this is my first time learning papermaking from men.

Time for dinner. Tomorrow is pulling allll day.

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