Thursday, January 22, 2009

One misstep

It's REALLY windy. Like, makes it sound like reindeer sleigh accidents on the roof of the mill, or being under attack. I had a hard time sleeping again last night so I was a wreck this morning and didn't press the post long or hard enough, so I successfully destroyed the majority of the paper I made yesterday. It was too damp to dry, but too late to re-press, so most of the sheets are torn, have pieces of torn other sheets on them, have brush damage (pull and tear), and dried unevenly. Kind of a huge nightmare and hard to keep on until I was done, but what was I going to do? I had been left to fly solo when I wasn't quite ready for it. Everyone was gone so I had no guides. Oh well. Just under 100 sheets, and lovely stuff (the few that survived my manhandling).

I just laid down after lunch and think I will do slow spinning and leave early (as in, when everyone else leaves, around 5pm) to pack and do laundry. Tomorrow I head back to Seoul for lunar new year and hopefully will be able to finally upload some images. I've survived almost 3 weeks and seen an entire batch from tree in the ground to hanji. Time for a break.

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  1. GREAT photos. Fascinating! Thank you.


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