Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'm doing that thing again

where I'm planning already for my departure. Not the one on Monday, but the one in July, when I leave Korea. The old unwillingness to be completely present, putting things into suitcases for "when I go home" and classing everything by its predicted importance to me in a month, two months, six. A big part of me wants to be moving constantly, but it butts up against another big part of me that just wants to stay put. I know, it's just a lull. But living abroad for a year is hard, and maintaining a rigorous research schedule for a year is even harder. I'm going to take a break from language study during my month away, though, to rest that part of my brain. It's had enough.

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  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    July can't come soon enough for me--I miss you! Happy 2009.

    I had a really funny dream about you the other night. We were eating dinner together, and ordered the same dessert--club soda mixed with ricotta cheese and raspberry jam, topped with one cube of mozzarella. I ate it all, and you ate all but the mozzarella cube. Afterward, you told me we needed to have a talk about my dairy intake.



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