Saturday, January 17, 2009

The end of week 2

I realize that an applied mathematician or physicist or lighting designer would be great at all of this. It's so much about angles. Pulling sheets is kind of like surfing, too. So I have stopped trying to just smash myself against the oncoming wave, b/c it NEVER works. I pulled and dried today, which was kind of painful b/c I was so bad at both, but it's been a long week. I'm getting way better at reducing formation mistakes, but obviously was out of my element in regulating thickness of sheets. They're allll over the place. My first batch was a little over 100. I dried 75 today but there is a whole other (taller) post waiting to be pressed and dried on Monday. I get a little frustrated that my production runs seems so small, but it's b/c each sheet is two doubled up. So pulling one sheet = physically pulling TWO.

I read another great quote from the Paper Across Continents book: "You great paper fucker, I love y." It's becoming clear what the next step is after I do my time here. I've been putting it off for years but I can't for much longer: color. As in, dyes. But I can't think about that right now b/c it stresses me out.

Also, for pictures: Steve Daiber, a great artist and person that I met in Seoul a few months ago was a cultural ambassador in Vietnam this winter. He has lots of great pictures up of his trip on flickr.

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