Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It hurts everywhere

Hm. This computer isn't reading my flash drive so I'm afraid it is going to be an imageless month blogwise. Easier for me, harder for everyone else. Today we burned all the pepper trees. I got kind of annoyed during the process b/c I had to machete my way through tons of blue cord that was tangled in the branches - yesterday afternoon, it seems like I was the only one bundling the trees w/o the cord. What you don't do today someone else does tomorrow. It also doesn't help that I have NO machete skills. But we still managed to burn that plus other things laying around in piles (some of it smelled REALLY good, even though it was dry and dead).

I spent the afternoon doing more joomchi - basically, just handling wet paper over and over so it gets wrinkled. COLD wet paper. My hands are still red. The mornings go quickly and then everything drags after that. But at least we're in a spell of relatively warm weather, which is good. I hear it will all go downhill starting this weekend. I fear that I'm staying too long here for what I have to learn, but the motel is paid for through Feb 3. If I leave early, so long pink walls early. I dreamed about GA last night, which might be my way of dealing w/internet withdrawal.

Time to get some more paper work done.

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