Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to avoid packing

I could barely vacuum today because I had paper all over the floor and have had paper all over the floor for a week, maybe more.
I worked on this toddler-sized hoodie over the weekend, and had a nice break at the end when I had to walk outside to the store to find buttons (this took much longer than I expected).
I tried to do this in one night but needed another day to finish it because my eyes wear out so quickly at night now. I may be in denial about what is happening as my eyes age but they send pretty clear messages when they are done working.
I started this piece last night and my eyes were screaming at me to stop so I waited and pounced on it while doing laundry and pretending like I'm not leaving the country tomorrow. I've wanted for a while to do a Korean-style garment and this is a child's version, the skirt done in hanji dyed in a light wash of persimmon and then some onion over it that probably didn't do anything but it was a good way to feel like I was using up my dye.
The colors are ALL off in the photo because it was dusk by the time I finished it, but I am very happy with the whole thing. The jacket is mostly all milkweed papers. I would have liked to do a contrasting tie but it was easiest to use some hanji that I made under Velma's good graces, and that Korean bark gave me a color closer to the milkweed.

Now I have no excuse to not pack (aside from not wanting to) but am already tempted to cut pieces for the adult-sized version of this dress. I barely feel like Vienna is happening tomorrow because my layover in Newark is close to the length of my flight to Europe. Hello, February!


  1. YAY the kenmore fiona (?) is doing her job! travel well my dear friend.

  2. these tiny clothing pieces are wonderful, inspiring, delightful! simply amazing. Travel safely.


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