Monday, January 09, 2017

Hearty breakfasts

Now that I am on a M-F teaching schedule, I have to bone up in the morning with more food than I usually eat. We ended last week with a field trip to Cleveland, visiting two studios and dyeing papers. Today we begin western papermaking with cotton and abaca pulps, plus pulp painting. I can already tell this group is going to love it all.

Speaking of paper teaching, Helen Hiebert is launching a new on-line class on illuminated paper! I am always impressed by how active she is in testing and figuring out new ways to reach people and spread interest in paper arts, from writing to teaching out of her studio and on the road to collaborations with other artists and so on. I envy all of her energy, even as someone who works similarly (which reminds me that I probably would have more if I exercised more...)!

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