Monday, January 16, 2017

Honor justice

On Friday, my class visited the letterpress class, where Bob (in the apron) is guiding a big group of students through the process of designing and printing a book. This year, they have written about the election aftermath through the parable of the gingerbread man, and are in the midst of carving blocks and setting type.
I think my greatest challenge is not falling into despair, which happens mostly in solitude. I'm learning more and more about the dangers of isolation—whether letting your mind run off with its worst thoughts, or sequestering yourself only with people who provide echo chambers. Today is a good day to remember our resolve to do right even when inconvenient and difficult. Above: the latest paper adventures over the last two weeks.

And Joanne B Kaar, one of my very favorite artists, had a lovely interview come out yesterday. It's long but worth the read because it reviews lots of different projects she's been involved in over time. Her work is about place, time, labor, history, nature, and people. Important truths!

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