Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New year means new paper

It's that time of year! Oberlin students learn to make paper. They scraped the bark off of the kozo so quickly that I didn't even get to take a picture of it happening. Yesterday they beat Thai kozo and today beat the Cleveland kozo. A biology professor is participating and very kindly brought some ear muffs to help us cope with the Very Loud noises.
Yesterday, after unloading the van and setting up studio, scraping, and beating, they each made a sheet as an intro. Today they got into it full force and made a LOT of paper. And it's all socialist paper, so no name tags!
The Thai stuff is hopelessly stringy but they will enjoy the better material tomorrow.
Drying took a while and a good portion never made it into the dryboxes. Lots of cockling and speedy drying on boards in the overheated shower rooms, but a good lesson. More fun planned for tomorrow.

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  1. wonderful! those black fingernails in the vat are a hoot!


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