Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Vienna: Prelude

This was my second night in town, before I began teaching. Of course there was a demonstration in this central area that night so that I was stopped by police barricades before I could get to the Hofburg, but I was able to see it another night.
Sigrid made this in the first class, the wetness coming from kon'nyaku along her sewn edge. I had zero wifi while I was there, so I'll try to summarize as I wade through jet lag—just returned last night to so much going on in the families of my loved ones (and myself).
Maya flew from Switzerland to take my classes. Other students traveled up to 10 hours by rail from different parts of Germany, by bus from the Czech Republic, by plane from Berlin, and of course from Austria. Such lovely, kind, generous, hardworking students!
I made it only to the insides of two museums but they were just right. The second was where I found this wonderful horse that was meaningful to Egon Schiele, at the Leopold Museum.

More on this very intense adventure once I get my bearings!

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