Saturday, February 18, 2017

Vienna: More courses

St. Stephen's Cathedral on a misty night, all incense-y inside and dark and candles everywhere.
I was amazed by the fortitude of these women who cut and corded and twined over two days (and at least half the class had already taken two days of papermaking, so we were all tired). They said the weaving was more exhausting in some ways than the papermaking.
Beatrix is in the blue on the left and then I never managed another picture because she was in and out and then very ill with a nasty virus making the rounds. Maya and Michaela worked quietly on this end of the classroom; I really loved having them in both classes.
Then, my teaching Day 5 was the third class: joomchi! Again, lots of repeat students that I was quite fond of. Evelyn in the foreground told me on the first day about her trips to Japan and her work in tourism (guess who is going to get a call for my next trip there? It would be nice to see the sights in the daylight). 
Beatrix had a ton of paper from Korea as well, so students were very happy with all of the options on that day, and repeaters were relieved to have such a simple technique to practice all day after the intensity and quantity of info that they got the previous days.
After a Tuesday night trip to the MAK Museum to see a craft show (how appropriate!), a kind student showed me where she had dined the previous night, at a well known cafe. We did the thing that all tourists are encouraged to do: eat wiener schnitzel. I was more taken by the pickled veggies and now feel tremendous guilt for eating calves but it was a really nice change from cooking for myself in the studio.

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