Thursday, February 23, 2017

Back to right now

While in this wonderful in-between state where I wake up very early and go to bed at a healthy hour, I have been sewing and working like a maniac. Lots of hanbok (Korean dress).
This is one of the most successful, a child size 4, using all kinds of paper from all kinds of adventures in the North Country, Cleveland, and Vienna, along with good hanji from my teacher's mill, and the ever beloved persimmon juice.
I've also had fun doing mini-skirt versions of the traditional long skirt, and have gotten very fast at making bias tape with paper.
In between, I've visited think[box] at Case Western Reserve University to attempt more duck stands at a much more reasonable price. Once I get the right solder and a hammer for decorative work, I will be even closer to the finish line.
The two small hanbok to the right are my favorite. The black jacket was hard to make because sumi ink makes paper so brittle and weak, but it was the fourth one I made to try and match the skirt. The one in the middle looks funny now but is better when I arrange the skirt and jacket just so. It's a patchwork of teaching samples and gold gift wrapping (handmade paper, of course).
These are so easy and fun in light and small hanji. They are a beast to make with thicker handmade paper that is human sized. I have an adult version and it really tested my hand muscles when pleating. But at least it can stand up on its own; I've run out of wall space.
This was supposed to be a circle skirt and then morphed into this funny thing that I really enjoy.
This was supposed to have a different top but then I took the skirt in too much so I had to make anew version.
This top was the first thing I made yesterday and the bottom was the last, and in the morning today I look and they STILL don't work together. I'll figure it out, though I only have a few days until I hang my show. One of the women who made a dress pattern that I used for my show that opens next Friday wrote a nice blog post about my work here. I had a studio visit this week for another solo show that will open at the end of June, more dresses, so this year promises to be more intense than ever!


Velma Bolyard said...

this body of work is so very much fun! i really like the circle skirt failure! and the little britches are so sweet!

one small stitch said...

love your little clothing pieces, the hanbok are gorgeous.