Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Whoosh go the days

I had the most marvelous weekend of unstructured play and rest and lack of electronic devices (and excess of junk food). It involved sewing at Angela's house and coming up with this new dress.
[Immediately after construction is done, before I found the buttons, at the most comfy and well-loved home I've been in in this town.] The number of things to do each day has picked up a little too much and it makes me weary but I hope it's a good weariness. I had a breakthrough today, where my PT kept repeating: you need to let this sink in. Your big joint problem is resolved. This is huge! And he smiled and gave me two thumbs up, which is so unusual because I often think I am his biggest disappointment and that he can't wait to be done with me. He's the best PT I've had because he doesn't let me take the easy way out.

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  1. oh YAY about the breakthrough AND the dress. it tickles me--the contrasts are sublime.


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