Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Long-term loose ends

I decided last night that I had to finish this teapot that has been going on for longer than I'd like (due to interruptions).
I tried to repurpose an old piece but still need a lot of practice making things without patterns. I already got a comment about it looking like a straight jacket, so I'll let it sit for a while before I go back in to rework it.
Not perfect (a VERY tight fit inside), but done! I do need to finish it but maybe I'll save that for when I teach so I have a sample to coat.
Since I hate to leave scraps alone, I used the bits leftover from the lid (which had been leftover from the body of the teapot) to make this little one. It was going to be a full bird and then I thought, eh, chess piece is fine.

The Hand Papermaking auction is still going! I'm a little surprised there haven't been any bids yet on this tapa from Tonga, but it's also possible that people are waiting until the last minute (this coming Saturday) to sweep in with bids. Browse often and bid soon!

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  1. loving the mapped landscape dress (at least that's how i see it early this morning). and then the duck!!! wonderful!


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