Friday, April 08, 2016

Spring fever diagnosis

Velma very wisely reminded me that my desire to run outside and be close to water and not do my work was the adult version of spring fever. She is right! These are geese and it was chilly, but I made it to a little bit of water that day, even if it wasn't a balmy beach.
This was the doll's dress I made from a new pattern with scraps from the last dress (which was made from scraps from the first dress).
And of course I can't leave any scrap unturned, so I made a new one (I tried suminagashi on the interfaced hanji but it picks up the dots of the adhesive). I was so tired that I had cut the pattern pieces correctly but didn't think I did, so I ended up mangling an entire half of the bodice and getting pretty far before realizing my errors. At least paper is easy to glue and piece together.
I decided not to put the sash on this one. The pattern is about 30% smaller on the top than the bottom than the first doll's dress.
I did this for scale but then was encouraged to do a whole series of domestic apparatus.
Wohoo! All ready for the weekend.

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  1. a lovely domestic scene! what a hoot you are. glad you found water!


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