Tuesday, April 19, 2016

One after another

I can't stop making paper dresses, with three more ready to sew and ideas for so very many more. There's been so much activity (and recovery) in the past week that lays the groundwork for future richness. Yesterday, I de-installed a local show and was happy that some of the harder to transport work sold, making hauling a little easier. I am excited to cannibalize the older work to make new dresses.

Almost all of my artwork is home after lots of travel, though things have been damaged, gone missing. I'm amazed by how eventful my last few shows have been in terms of problems on the host end, and realize that a show like the one I took down yesterday is rare: timely and accurate communication, proper contracts, enough people to do the job, no damage because the work is treated respectfully. One site cut up my hanji without notice and threw away the cut-away pieces! It reminds me of how much more work remains, because most people don't understand what goes into that one sheet of paper.

On that note, let's support two great organizations that strive to expand awareness of and possibilities for handmade paper:

1. This Saturday, the annual auction for Hand Papermaking begins! (hanji is included in at least two items!)

2. IAPMA is celebrating it's 30th anniversary with a beautiful bulletin (for which I made hanji) that includes handmade swatches from around the world!

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