Thursday, March 31, 2016

The long slog of catch up

The bigger dress was the one I did last year. The little one I just sewed up this week, a size 5 for a child, to use up the last of the interfaced hanji from the first one. I can't stand having leftovers. Though this one ALSO left scraps, so I guess a set of doll's dresses must be next on the agenda (unless I hide them well enough in my flat files so that I forget about the scraps for a while).
The front is finished with a hand-carved wood button by Jim Croft.
It took forever to find the right buttons for the back, and I was looking at the wrong pattern so first I bought only 4. I walked back to get 2 more, only to find I needed 7 total. Oh, well! It's going to be a button short, which doesn't matter because this is really only for display and not for wearing. Thank goodness for my three friends with sewing machines; it takes a village, always.
Meanwhile, my other piece that has been SLOW going because of all my traveling, is finally moving along. I began the teapot in hopes of bringing it finished to Michigan. That didn't happen.
But the problem with stopping and starting a piece is that things get really wonky. This is a teapot trying to become a pumpkin or something else entirely.
It almost killed me but I finished the spout last night before I went out for dinner.
You'd think I was done, but I still have to make the lid! The agony of these pieces means that the next piece I make must be 100% no expectations and 200% fun. The bad news from my PT is that the weird band in my hand is not a tight muscle but scar tissue. I must have torn something, probably while cording or twining. Next week I'll ask the physical medicine doctor for more insight. I'm not crazy about this season of endless doctor and PT visits, but I feel fortunate to finally have enough coverage that it's even an option to seek help!

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