Monday, March 28, 2016


I saw this yesterday (too warm! I am so unnerved by this "winter" we just had) and thought, well, nature really fights hard to survive. Life insists on living.

I was corresponding with Alice about a book and then found this wonderful video she made of her trip to Japan last year—indigo dyeing paper at Awagami! It's lovely, with the color and the sounds of water, and delightful Alice herself in the factory. But my favorite part (watch for it) is the frog.


  1. aimee, for the first time in almost four weeks i can be really here enjoying this grand video. i love watching alice's joy! and then there's the frog. i'm hearing peepers now.

  2. thanks for sharing the video, so inspiring. Frog in Japanese is kaeru, as is the verb "to return" when I left the school in Kyoto my classmates gave me ceramic, paper, textile etc. frogs.


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